Who we are

Th3White is a visualization studio born from multiple experiences and identities. We are architects, illustrators and interior designers with an innovative view. Our architectural and construction background along with our artistic taste allow us to support our clients to develop and communicate any kind of project.

What we make

Th3White helps architects, designers and real estate companies to develop, visualize and communicate their project through a wide set of computer graphics services as still images, VR tours, animations and graphic design. Our experience allows us to work in many fields as architecture, real estete, retail, product design and automotive.
01 Lake 101 Lake 2
02 House_T 102 House_T 2
03 kitchen 103 kitchen 2

Our work

04 Sandro 104 Sandro 2
05 Dior 105 Dior 2
06 BB 106 BB 2